Boat Number Tool FAQs

You can enter your boat registration into the box located where "Enter Your Text"

Enter Text

This is for your purpose only to use.  You can align it any way you want it.  This will not affect the decal design.

Text Alignment

You can outline/border to your boat registration number.  Control the border thickness by clicking + symbol.  Don't forget to use the colors to bring additional contrast to your boat.

Text Effects

Text Effects Sample

We provide easy to read font for your boat registration number.  We make it easy for you create your decal.

This is for your purpose only to see what it would look like from your boat color and boat registration number.  Please note the background color will not be part of your new boat registration decal.

Total Size area is your boat registration decal size will be.  Make sure to adjust the width or height to accommodate the space you are planning to place your boat registration number.

Please note based on different font types, we can cut your design relatively close to the total size specified.

This is for your purpose only, we cut based on the "Total Size" specification.

Font Size

This will give you drop shadow for your design.  Using X for moving shadow horizontally, Y for moving shadow vertically.  Don't forget to use color selection, if you wish the drop shadow to be a different color.

Drop Shadow

We sell a pair of boat registration decals for each QTY 1.

Add To Cart

You can remove the Outline/Border feature from your design by selecting the transparent icon.

You can remove the Shadow feature from your design by selecting the transparent icon.

We have configured each tool pricings to fit certain design.  When you see $0 means that we did not define that custom vinyl size.  Contact us when this happens.