Boat Decal Installation


Boat Emblem and Badge Installation Instructions

Step 1

Removing old emblem or emblems can done neatly by using a heat gun on the lowest setting. Carefully pry the old emblem off using a putty scraper.

Step 2

Then clean the area where the emblem adhesive still remains. Use adhesive cleaner and a clean rag.

Step 3

Most important step is to use rubbing alcohol on a different rag to clean the remaining grease or dirt from the location. Allow it to air dry.

Step 4

Using a level or ruler to create a straight line parallel to the ground, marking the location of the emblem against desired surface or body lines. Use painter’s tape to make your guidelines.

Step 5

Prepare the emblem, making sure it’s clean. Be sure to never touch the application adhesive on the back of the emblem after Remove the backing tape from the adhesive.

Step 6

Hold the emblem just above the surface in the desired location, using the painter’s tape as a guide to keep the emblem level located properly.

Step 7

Stick the emblem on and hold it in place until the adhesive has had a chance to setup bond on the surface of the boat. This usually takes 10 seconds.