Boat Vinyl Installation

Whether you are installing your Hailing Port, Boat Name or Boat Registration Number, are applied easily with squeegee, paint tape and measuring tape. It’s just that simple!

First, you begin by taping your letters to your surface exactly where you intend to place them. Do this without removing any of the vinyl backing. Now is the time for you make sure the lettering is aligned and how you want it to be placed. It is important the surface is cleaned before starting to add your vinyl lettering.

Make sure the lettering is taped to your boat surface as shown below. Notice the taping method.

There is a 2-part process for this. First, remove the first half tape and pull back at half of the vinyl lettering. Peel off the back for the adhesive and cut off the backing. Now stick it onto your boat surface and use the squeegee to flatten the lettering. Be sure to press thoroughly outward till the edges. This will flush out any air bubbles out, so it won’t trap any inside your vinyl lettering.

Now, give it a moment to dry and attach to your boat. Repeat the same process for the second half of the vinyl lettering.